1. Who are the suppliers of fresh fish / vegetable products?

The suppliers of fresh vegetable and fish products on Nestlé HK eShop are Vegetable Marketing Organization (VMO; address: 757 Lai Chi Kok Road, Kowloon) and Fish Marketing Organization (FMO; address: 102 Shek Pai Wan Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong) respectively.

2. Can I purchase fresh vegetable / fish products of aggregate order value below HK$200?

The minimum aggregate order value for fresh vegetable / fish products is HK$200 after discount. Any orderfor fresh vegetable / fish products of aggregate value less than HK$200 will not be able to be checked out.

3. My fresh vegetable / fish order value reached HK$200, can I enjoy free delivery service?

If your order contains any fresh fish / vegetable products, in order to have free delivery service, you need to reach the minimum HK$200 of fish / vegetable products, and purchase minimum HK$450 of other Nestlé HK eShop products (e.g. Grocery products, Ice Cream and Frozen Confections, Yogurt, etc.). Otherwise, HK$50 delivery fee will be charged.

If your order only contains HK$200 fresh fish / vegetable products after discount, HK$50 delivery fee will be charged.

For orders containing yogurt products, the yogurt products will be delivered separately from ice-cream and other grocery products. Orders will also incur an additional delivery fee of HK$20 (even if the order value reaches $450). For more details on payment and delivery, please visit: https://shop.nestle.com.hk/en/pages/payment-and-delivery.

4. If my total order value is above HK$450, but the fresh vegetable / fish products value does not reach HK$200, can I enjoy free delivery service?

Please note fresh vegetable / fish orders of value less than HK$200 after discount, will not be able to be checked out. If the total order value of Nestlé HK eShop products (beside fresh vegetable / fish products) reaches HK$450, plus minimum HK$200 fresh vegetable / fish products, free delivery service will be provided.

5. If I ordered both fresh vegetable / fish products and other Nestlé HK eShop products, will my order be delivered at the same time?

If you have ordered fresh vegetable / fish products, the vegetable / fish products will be delivered separately by supplier based on different districts and supplier will contact you by phone one day in advance of the day of delivery to confirm the delivery time. Please contact supplier directly within office hours for more details: pvs@vmo.org / cs@vmo.org.

Please find below link for the delivery time table:

For other Nestlé HK eShop products, our standard Hong Kong delivery time is from Monday to Saturday, 9am – 6pm (Monday to Friday only for commercial and industrial buildings). There will be no deliveries on public holidays and Sundays. Normally, the expected delivery time is 1-3 working days after the order is placed; The expected delivery time for ice cream, frozen confections & yogurt is 10 working days after the order is placed (working days only include Mon – Fri).

6. How do I check my delivery status of fresh vegetable / fish products order?

If you have ordered any vegetable / fish products, please contact supplier directly within office hours to check the delivery status: pvs@vmo.org / cs@vmo.org.

7. How to change the delivery address?

When you order goods on our eShop, the delivery address of the goods will be pre-set to the address you filled in when you registered as a member. You can change the shipping address by editing the information on the payment menu. You must confirm that the address you filled in is the address where you can sign to receive the goods. Or you can contact our customer service staff on Contact Us.

If there is no recipient when the goods are delivered, supplier will notify the recipient by telephone within 2 days, and the second delivery will be arranged; if the recipient still cannot be contacted, supplier will try to contact the recipient by phone later on to arrange delivery again.

8. What if I received missing / damaged products from my vegetable / fish products order?

VMO and FMO are responsible for the quality / condition / supply / delivery and all other issues of the ‘Local Fresh’ products, Nestlé shall not be responsible. Merchandise may be returned or exchanged within one (1) day of receipt if the merchandise you ordered are faulty, defective or damaged (with no fault on your part), or the merchandise are not what you ordered, or the delivery is of an incorrect quantity, provided that:

1) You can provide valid proof on the detail of the merchandise you required exchange;

2) You can show or upload valid document/proof to show the faulty merchandise are bought from us;

3) Visuals of the faulty product and parcel box are provided as soon as possible through electronic form under Contact Us at this site as a proof;

4) The merchandise that require exchange are not used and are kept at original state.

You may during office hours contact us to transfer your request to VMO / FMO or directly contact VMO / FMO (email: pvs@vmo.org / cs@vmo.org) to follow up your case.

9. Refund arrangement

No return or exchange of merchandise will be accepted by Nestlé for sold products. Please read the returns or exchanges policy carefully before you place an order.