1. How can I return the product?

We will, at our discretion, accept returns or exchange of goods within 1 day from the goods' receipt only if: (1) the product is damaged before receipt or (2) there is a discrepancy between ordering and delivery; also, (i) the product is still intact; and (ii) a valid order confirmation number is provided. Please send relevant information through Contact Us and we will process it as soon as possible.

For details of Nestlé HK eShop's return policy, please visit Return and Exchange on our site.

2.I have received damaged or defective products, what should I do?

Please leave relevant information and upload relevant product packaging, logistics box photos and valid order confirmation number on Contact Us so that we can track the batch of goods through the delivery number on the receipt, and please try to provide detailed information about the damage/defect for us to look for effective solutions.

3. How to change the delivery address?

When you order goods on our eShop, the delivery address of the goods will be preset to the address you filled in when you registered as a member. You can change the shipping address by editing the information on the payment menu. You must confirm that the address you filled in is the address where you can sign to receive the goods. Or you can contact our customer service staff on Contact Us.

If there is no recipient when the goods are delivered, we will notify the recipient by telephone (up to three times) within 7 days, and the second delivery will be arranged; if the recipient still cannot be contacted, the ordered goods will be stored up to one month; after one month, if we still fail to contact the recipient, the order will be automatically cancelled without refund. Please order again at our eShop.

4. What if the product is out of stock?

We are committed to providing you with the products you need. However, if the product you requested is out of stock, you can choose other similar products. At checkout, we will list the product availability in detail. If the product you selected is found out of stock after checkout, we will contact you directly regarding delivery issues.

5. How to cancel my order?

Order cannot be cancelled or changed once they are placed. We recommend that you first put your favorite products into the shopping cart, and pay after confirming the order to enjoy the fun brought by online shopping.

6. Product samples/gifts are missing, would there be any make-up?

We are sorry that there is a limited number of product samples/gifts.

Due to the limited number of product samples/gifts, if the sample is found to be damaged when received, we are sorry that we cannot resend it.

The product samples/gifts will be sent together with the ordered products.

7. I received an incorrect product, how should I apply for an exchange?

You can contact our customer service from Monday to Friday (except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).

8. The product I received has expired, how should I deal with it?

If it is found to be expired, please contact our customer service within 1 day and we will replace the product. If the delivered product is found to be wrong or not on your shopping list, an exchange will also be arranged.

9. When I received the product, I found that the product/quantity did not match, can I apply for an exchange?

If you find that the quantity/product does not match, the product is damaged, etc., please reject the goods and contact the customer service center immediately. Our customer service staff will handle it according to the actual situation.


Signing and confirming on the courier bill will be deemed as that you believe the product quantity is correct, the product matches the product you ordered, and the product is intact, and the receipt by your family, the property management office or doorman of your housing estate will also be deemed equivalent as the receipt by you.

10. How to enjoy member zone exclusive promotion ?

Member zone exclusive promotion is only applicable to Nestlé HK eShop member. Please log into Nestlé HK eShop membership account in order to enjoy the offers. Once you select the member zone exclusive promotional products, the price will be adjusted automatically in the shopping cart.

11. How do I know when there is member zone exclusive offers?

Please be aware of our Nestlé HK eShop Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NestleHKeShop, and subscribe to our news (at the bottom right of the Nestlé Hong Kong eShop page https://shop.nestle.com.hk/) to keep updated for the latest offers.

12. Can member zone exclusive offers be applied together with other offers?

Member zone exclusive offers can be generally applied together with other offers. However, specific offers’ arrangement may vary, please refer to the relevant terms and conditions.