NESTLÉ® CARNATION® High Calcium Joint Low Fat Milk Powder 800g (Best before date: 24th September 2024)


Packing size:1 can x 800g



Aging population in Hong Kong are becoming increasingly apparent in Hong Kong; how silver ages could fully enjoy their life has also been a hot topic! Along with the growth of the age, being able to live and act freely is what silver age group is looking for. Some people aged 50+ only started paying attention to bones and joints health when suffering from loss of bone mass, unsmooth joints, and even muscle weakness that caused back pain, humpback, uncomfortable joints when going up and downstairs or other pain symptoms. To have good mobility and vitality, silver age group not only need to take good care of the bones and joints, but also keeping up their exercises endurance level. Apart from healthy diet and regular exercises, the new 3Move formula from NESTLÉ® CARNATION® High Calcium Joint Low Fat Milk Powder could enable strong bones, muscles and joints for best vitality and maximize life enjoyment!

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