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MAGGI® Euro Snack Pasta Series

Bounce back of MAGGI®Eurosnack series from Germany, provides you a more wide range of choices, you can conjure up delicious snacks in no time at all. Just browse through and let yourself be inspired! Whether it's a lunch break, at the campsite or as a snack at home - with the MAGGI® Eurosnack series, you can have a delicious warm snack in just a few minutes that always tastes good. Simply pull off the lid, pour in boiling water to the fill line and stir thoroughly. Leave for five minutes and stir occasionally - done! Bon appetit!

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January | NESTLÉ HK eShop Exclusive

MAGGI® Euro Snack Mashed Potatoes Series

The classic for home, on the road or in the office Three quick & easy steps to enjoy delicious potato dishes: 1.Fill boiling water to the inner filling 2. Remove the lid from the cup and stir the contents of the cup thoroughly with a spoon 3. Steep the mashed potatoes for 5 minutes Sold out because of overwhelming responses.