MÖVENPICK® Rum Raisin Ice Cream 2.4L

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Packing size:2.4L

Tub Dimension: 170mm(L) x 152mm(W) x 135mm(H)

* The minimum order value for Pick & Mix Ice Cream and Frozen Confections is HK$200 after discount. Orders less than HK$200 will not be able to be checked out.

$280 $350


MÖVENPICK® Rum Raisin Ice CreamMÖVENPICK® Rum Raisin Ice Cream is made from the unique high-quality rum from Jamaica, with a long period time of fermentation and distillation steps to develop the rich and surging taste. Stirring in the sweet and intoxicating, sweet and sour dried raisin makes the original silky smooth cream, vanilla and rum even better.


1. Ice cream, frozen confections or yogurt are delivered together with other grocery products (including Cereal Bar products). If you have ordered any products requiring chill or frozen storage, please choose delivery date in the cart page.

2. No dry ice is provided in the delivery.

3. The product shelf life is at least one month from the date of purchase.

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