Nestle® NESPRAY® Supreme A2 β-casein Hi-cal Skim Milk Powder 800g (Best Before Date: 11 August 2022)


Packing size:1 can x 800g



Nestlé® NESPRAY® Supreme A2 β-casein high-calcium skim milk powder using genetic testing technology to strictly select non-genetically modified precious A2 dairy cows to ensure purity in its A2 milk source. It provides nutritional needs for the whole family! 

  • High calcium and protein, and with sodium content to help maintaining bone and muscle health
  • Zero fat and cholesterol which reduce fat intake effectively
  • No added sucrose (the sugar in the nutrition information is derived from the natural lactose in milk)

Smooth taste! Rich milk flavor with rich nutrition!

This product is suitable for people over 6 years old. Children under one year of age should not be fed on this milk except under medical advice.

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