Packing size:1 x 800g

From today until March 18, 2021, purchase any 6 or more of NESTLÉ® NAN® PRO formula powder - 800g and/or purchase any 4 or more of NESTLÉ® NAN® INFINIPRO® formula powder – 800g (except for early stage infant formula powder) to get a Recolte Coto Coto rice cooker (red) for free (recommended retail price $538)!

*First-come, first-served and while stock lasts. Subject to terms and conditions.



Allergy prevention is very important for children they have higher risk of cow's milk protein allergy as their immune system is not fully developed. Breastfeeding is best. The pHF hydrolyzed protein of NESTLÉ® NAN® PRO KID 4 Children Milk Powder is treated with unique hydrolysis technology to reduce the allergenicity of cow's milk protein to enable children grow healthily and happily.

NESTLÉ® NAN® PRO KID 4 Children Milk Powder has hydrolyzed 100% whey protein, human milk oligosaccharide^ HM­O® and contains DHA, ARA** and probiotic.


^ 2’­O­Fucosyllactose (a type of HMO, not sourced from breast milk), 26mg per 100mL of prepared formula.

**NESTLÉ® NAN® PRO KID 4 children Milk Powder contains 4.5mg of DHA, 4.5mg of ARA, 597mg of linoleic acid and 71mg of alpha­linolenic acid.

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