NESTLÉ® NAN® INFINIPRO® 4 Formula 800g|Nutrition Inspired by Motherly Protection (Best Before Date: 16th December 2023)


Packing size:1 x 800g



INFINI Upgraded Good Milk Essence Power,Contributes Good Immunity △ + Metabolic Growth Power*!

NESTLÉ® NAN® INFINIPRO® 4 Children Milk Powder
- Suitable from 36 months onward
- Formula is designed with a high quality protein blend that is inspired by mother's natural lactating secretion
- Included exclusive combination of bio-active HMOs & other components which are composted of 5HMOs^ (2’FL, LNT, 6’SL, 3’SL, DFL) & BL Probiotic. Complementing with pHF-W, this formulation can help build a strong, healthy foundation for babies' health

Nutrition Information

5HMO^ Complex (2'FL, LNT, 6'SL, 3'SL, DFL): Is an advanced, high-quality HMO^ blend, NESTLÉ® NAN®INFINIPRO® selects 5 of the most abundant HMOs^ structurally identical to those found in mothers' natural lactating secretion. Research has shown that HMOs help support immunity.

B. LACTIS PROBIOTIC: A naturally active probiotic

pHF-W: Getting inspiration from mothers' natural lactating secretion, this optimized protein blend is easy to digest which helps support your baby's healthy gut development. By carefully selecting 100% whey protein and treating it with a unique hydrolysis technology, the allergenicity of cow's milk protein is reduced.

△Contains multivitamins include vitamin A, C&D help support immunity
* Benefiting from Nestle’s advanced R&D knowledge in children’s metabolic health, immunity and allergy prevention
^They are types of HMO, not sourced from breastmilk. Per 100 mL of prepared formula has 42 mg of HMO.

We believe that breastfeeding is the ideal nutritional start for babies and we fully support the World Health Organizations recommendation of exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life along with the introduction of adequate nutritious complementary foods and continue breastfeeding up to two years of age.

NESTLÉ® NAN® INFINIPRO® 4 Children Milk Powder is not a breastmilk substitute. We recommend that you speak to your healthcare professional about how to feed your baby and seek advice on when to introduce this product.

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