NESTLÉ® Greek Style Yogurt Blueberry 100g

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Origin:Hong Kong

Packing size:12 x 100g

* For orders containing yogurt products, the yogurt products will be delivered separately from ice-cream and other grocery products. Orders will also incur an additional delivery fee of HK$20 (even if the order is over $450).

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NESTLÉ® Greek Style Yogurt tastes rich and creamy with a premium packaging, instantly calling you to enjoy the precious moment with your loved ones. Greek style yogurt contains probiotics and no added preservatives. It is freshly made in Hong Kong to ensure the freshness and quality. Moreover, with real fruit mixed into the fruit collection, you can expect summer freshness to linger on your tongue after tasting the refreshing yogurt.

• Rich and creamy taste
• Contains real Blueberry
• No preservative is added
• Freshly made in Hong Kong



  1. No dry ice is provided in the delivery.

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