DREYER'S D-COLLECTION™ Uji Matcha Twist Cone Multipack (24 x 125 mL) (Case)

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Origin: Hong Kong

Packing size: 6 x 3 x 125 mL

$254 $319


DREYER'S D-COLLECTION™ proudly presents the Uji Matcha Twist Cone. Together with the Uji Matcha flavoured ice cream and crispy cone, it delivers an exquisite, authentic taste of Japan.



  1. Ice-creams and other grocery products are delivered separately. If you have ordered any ice-cream products, you will be contacted by phone to confirm the delivery date of the ice-cream products 1-2 working days after the order is placed. Our courier will contact you again by phone to confirm the delivery time on the day of delivery.
  2. No dry ice is provided in the delivery.
  3. The product shelf life is at least one month from the date of purchase.

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