Oral Impact BOOST Soothe Peach-mint (Case)

Origin: US

Packing size: 27 x 237 mL



Cancer specific drink for soothing sensory alterations and oral discomfort

• Designed for cancer patients with sensory alterations and oral discomfort
• Peach mint flavour for cooling and soothing
• Relieves bitterness and metallic taste caused by treatment side effect
• One pack (237 mL) provides:
---Energy: 300 kcal
---Protein: 10 g
---Fat: 0 g
• Contains 10 g of whey protein, easy to digest and absorb, promote protein synthesis and maintain muscle mass
• Suitable for lactose intolerance
• Ready to drink, convenient and hygienic
• Contains no artificial colours
• Made in USA

USE UNDER MEDICAL SUPERVISION. Foods for Special Medical Purposes

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