1. As long as you use the "Promotional Discount Code" not provided by ShopBack, you will not be able to get cashback

2. Does not include taxes, fees & service charges

3. Does not include in-store credits, credits and discount codes, coupons

4. Please do not change the language, currency or region by yourself. The website of the cashback is based on the link from ShopBack. If you change the language, currency or region, you will not be able to get Cashback.


Before connecting ShopBack to the store, please confirm that you have "emptied" the shopping cart. First add the product to the shopping cart, and then connect from ShopBack to the store to check out.

Return to ShopBack and clickthrough to Merchant site every time you are making a new transaction

Use promo codes from ShopBack. Codes not posted by ShopBack may not qualify for Cashback


Gift card purchases & redemption

Returns, exchanges & cancellations

Promo/coupon codes not posted and approved by ShopBack

Other Terms & Conditions:

1. After redirecting from ShopBack to the store, please do not open other websites or online advertising (such as price comparison websites, or other cashback websites, etc.), otherwise you will not be able to obtain Cashback

2. Please use Credit card (VISA, MASTER, AMEX or Union pay), other payment method (PayDollar - Online Payment Service or Octopus by PayDollar) are not eligible for cashback

3. If you fail to pay on the store page, you need to redirect to the store from ShopBack to ensure that you can get cashback

4. There is no Cashback for pre-ordered products; there is no Cashback for changing the order content/cancellation/return or partial return/exchange or partial exchange; converting the money into store points is equivalent to canceling the order

5. If you having missing Cashback, please go to this website to apply for follow-up within 30 days of the order date: app.shopback.com/hk-mcb

6. ShopBack has the right to modify, terminate or suspend the content of the activity at any time. If there is any change in content or detailed precautions, it will be announced on this webpage without notice