MAGGI® Euro Snack Pasta in Quattro Formaggi (Four Cheese) 8x58g (Best Before Date: 31st July 2023)

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Origin: Germany

Packing Size:8x58g

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Looking for delicious pasta in a creamy cheese sauce, but no time to cook? No problem: with the MAGGI®Eurosnack Quattro Formaggi, the yummy snack is ready in just a few minutes. Enjoy the aromatic, creamy taste of processed cheese, parmesan, mozzarella and blue cheese. There is no quicker or easier way to prepare delicious pasta in cheese sauce.

Bounce back of MAGGI®Eurosnack series from Germany, provides you a more wide range of choices, you can conjure up delicious snacks in no time at all. Just browse through and let yourself be inspired! Whether it's a lunch break, at the campsite or as a snack at home - with the MAGGI® Eurosnack series, you can have a delicious warm snack in just a few minutes that always tastes good. Simply pull off the lid, pour in boiling water to the fill line and stir thoroughly. Leave for five minutes and stir occasionally - done! Bon appetit!

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