OPTIFIBRE® FLORA (20 x 5g) (Best Before Date: 4th September 2023)

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Origin: Germany

Packing size: 20 x 5g

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OPTIFIBRE® FLORA is a special probiotic & prebiotic solution to reduce diarrhea symptom and rebalance intestinal flora naturally.

• Relieves intestinal discomfort
• Reduce duration and incidence of diarrhea
• Rebalances the intestinal flora
• Designed to be added to cold/room-temperature liquids or foods
• Tasteless and odourless, does not alter the taste and appearance of the liquids or foods
• Each serving (5 g) of OPTIFIBRE ®FLORA provides 1x10^9 CFU LGG probiotic and 4.3 g of PHGG soluble dietary fiber.

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